I’m excited to write my first blog post on my new website! My updated and expanded site was launched a few days ago. It looks fantastic, and has a lot of good information. I love to educate people about how color works. It can be confusing, and my aim is to make it easier to understand.  

I’ve been reading color and design blogs for over 6 years, and know there’s a lot of great content out there already. I don’t want to imitate other bloggers, but offer up a different twist. My plan is to offer lots of tips about color and design, but go beyond color, and look at how color affects us.

We’re all affected by color, whether we realize it or not. It’s everywhere, giving us silent cues, trying to get our attention. “Hey, look at me, stop/shop/eat here!” Color means different things to different people. Our perception depends on who we are, where we’re from, our culture and past experiences. Of course, we all have color preferences, but they tend to be a result of our personality and various influences.

Have you ever thought much about why you do, or don’t, like particular colors? Are they related to your memories? Or the time period in which you grew up? Or maybe the people you hung out with when you were a teenager? Are you influenced by trends, or have you always liked the same colors?

There are no right or wrong answers, but it helps to learn more about how you perceive colors. It’s important to surround yourself with the color palette that will make you feel good. The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to develop a color plan.