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||Thank you so much for your help. You were awesome to work with - I now appreciate the benefit of working with someone who really understands color. I love it, and so do all the neighbors.||.

-Peggy Lynn

||We've just completed our kitchen update, and went with the paint color we selected with you. We really like it, and the warm glow at night is just what we were looking for.||

– Arlene Millard

||You did an outstanding job with that house.||

– Mike Kelly, owner, Crestwood Painting

||Love the paint colors across the street - especially noticed and like the 'red' garage door. Great use of the colors!||

– Lori Miller

||We've gotten a lot of compliments on the house colors. Really great work you did - thank you so much!||

– Kim Bland

||The painter loved your paint choices for my kitchen and bedroom... you rock, girl! Our bedroom looks bigger and brighter now, even my husband mentioned it. We didn't realize before how much the previous color made it look smaller. And we really like the new cabinet color! Thanks for taking the time to help me understand why the color I wanted wouldn't work, and why this was the right one.||


||Wanted to send you an email with some pictures I snapped just now. I am SO GLAD I met with you to discuss colors! I LOVE all the colors we picked out together, and can only imagine how disappointed I'd have been if I painted my walls with the original colors I'd chosen. The pics don't do it justice... I'm SUPER happy, and am so thankful for your expertise!||


||Your fee was a small price to pay when I consider the time you saved me, and how my delightful, productive, home office is creating new revenue for my company. I'm recommending you to all the business executives I know who want the right design for their spaces.||


||Every decision I made to complete the project was with your great advice clicking in my mind. You're just amazing, I was so fortunate to find you! Thank you for solving my problem. You were the only one who could figure out the right solution.||


||Recently, I had the pleasure and delight to have color consultant, Diane Stewart, work with us in our home to select and coordinate colors for our living room, hallway and home office. She was highly professional and patient with our many questions before making our final decision. It was apparent that she had researched many design options in providing the best service for her clients. I particularly liked her ability to select and explain the importance of color in our everyday lifestyle. I would highly recommend her service in choosing the best colors for your home!||


||Happy to refer you since we felt you were very helpful to the color impaired.||


||Diane’s color consultation was invaluable to creating my home office. After discussing how I work, and what makes me feel productive, she taught me a new way to evaluate a color palette. Picking the color was soooo easy then. Beyond that, her consultation helped me select colors for other rooms as well, in color schemes that I never would have thought of. With her expertise, I moved forward to complete my warm, creative, and productive, home office easily, and far more quickly than I would have on my own. Her services moved me forward easily and efficiently.||


||Before working with Diane, we liked the colors in a few rooms, but didn't really enjoy the colors in the rest of the house. Diane helped us select new colors for the problem rooms, and she made sure that all the rooms complemented each other. Working with Diane was easy and fun! We now feel confident painting and updating the house over time. We hope to have Diane come back and help select exterior paint colors when we tackle that project. Thanks for a great color plan, Diane!||


||I highly recommend Diane's services! She was great help in selecting and coordinating the paint colors for the interior of my home. She took the time and care to get a color scheme that looked good and satisfied my taste. My intention was to keep it simple, light, and peaceful - and not do anything that would be a problem if I decide to sell the house. My home is a much more pleasant place as the result of her help.||


||Diane knew how to choose and coordinate the remodeling materials to make the house feel warm, welcoming, and flow correctly. She taught us how to see colors, and categorize them as warm or cool. We had lots of samples to look at, so it was then easy to choose the tile, carpet, and granite options that worked with the color scheme. She did a great job working with two people who like color, but don't know how to make it work. She saved us money by having the right colors the first time, so we won't have to repaint later or buy new things to match.||


||We love it! We've gotten lots of compliments from neighbors and friends. We especially like how it looks with the painted bricks and chimney - that really makes a difference. We're really happy with the way it looks.||


||Thanks for all your excellent help. We love it, and the neighbors all love it.||


“We love our new dining room! I love it, my husband loves it - it feels awesome. I wouldn’t have gone near that color on my own, thanks for suggesting it. I’m so glad I called you for this project. I’m not going to paint again without talking to you first.”


||I run two large apartment complexes, one in Kansas City, and the other in St. Louis. The owners put me in charge of finding three exterior color schemes to paint over 800 units. I spent days trying to put colors together, but just could not do it. I called Diane, and within about an hour, she put together three great color schemes for me. She made me look good, and now the communities look great! Thank you ,Diane.||