I confess, I have zero interest in the Super Bowl. I forgot it was today. I made dinner, and was wondering where my husband was. Then I noticed he sent a text earlier to remind me he was going to his cousin’s house after work to watch the game. I can’t even tell you which teams are playing.

The only kind of football I like is Euro football, or, what we call soccer. It’s the only sport that makes sense to me. I used to be obsessed, but decided to give it up last year since it was so time consuming to watch. Plus, I needed at least three special cable channels to keep up. We switched to basic cable, and now I’m addicted to Netflix!

Last week, I had some interesting stuff going on in real life. On Monday, I was interviewed for the House & Home section of the Kansas City Star!  A few weeks before, one of my clients was profiled, and he mentioned that I’d helped him choose his paint colors. That lead them to ask for an interview, and come over to see my house.

However, we haven’t lived here very long, and had to do extensive work on the outside. So, in a way, my interiors are the “before” pictures since I haven’t been able to do much inside yet. We painted the exterior, but have been living with the paint colors that were already here. Unfortunately, previous owners painted over wallpaper, so all that will have to be stripped before I can paint what I want.

Being interviewed for the newspaper was exciting, but a bit overwhelming too. Many photographs were taken of me and my home, while I was trying to answer questions, and sound coherent all at the same time.

Row of colorful cupcakes with sparklers

It should run on Sunday, February 21st. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I’ve been interviewed many times before, as a community and environmental activist. One thing I know for sure is I’m always surprised at how it turns out. However, I feel honored to have their interest in my work and my home.