Colors Can Help You

Colors Can Help You

Colors are more than surface decoration since they can affect how you feel. They can change your mood, evoke memories, and express your emotions. Some paint colors may help you relax, or make you feel more energetic. Research has shown that people respond emotionally and physiologically to certain colors. There are some colors that can increase blood pressure and heart rate, whereas others can lower them.

Using Color Psychology

Choosing one outcome over another depends on the function of each space. Bedrooms and bathrooms focus on rest and relaxation. But, kitchens, offices, and finished basements have more social, mental, or physical activity. The mood you’re looking for depends on what activities happen in the room, and paint colors can enhance that effect. Color psychology theories show that some color combinations are relaxing (cool or analogous), and some are more energetic (warm or complementary).

Color Psychology In Action

Using monochromatic color schemes (variations of the same color), feels calmer than contrasting colors (black and white stripes). Contrast always feels sharper, and causes the eye to jump around the room. That isn’t as relaxing as having fewer colors which are closer in tone. However, individual color preferences can be influenced by your cultural upbringing, past experiences, and color associations. For example, some people would find a red bedroom sexy and exciting. On the other hand, others would find it too intense, and could never relax in it.

Popular Color Choices

Blue is considered the most popular color, but some people find it cold, not calming. Green is a natural part of landscapes, and tends to be the most versatile color since it’s in the middle of the color spectrum. It’s associated with positive growth and energy. The way colors are perceived often relates to how they’re seen in nature. Yellow seems warm and sunny, blue seems cool like water, brown seems stable like the earth, orange seems warm and cozy like autumn leaves, and so on.

Creating Comfort

Your home should be your sanctuary, where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. The outside world can feel overwhelming at times, so your home should make you feel good, and help you relax and unwind. Color planning, with an experienced color consultant like me, can ensure that your paint colors are the best ones for you. A cohesive color palette for the entire house feels more comfortable than color chaos.

I choose colors that complement the purpose of each space, and help support the mood that you desire. My background in behavioral and environmental psychology helps me understand what paint colors are most appropriate. You can lift your spirits, reduce stress, or get more energized by changing your paint colors! I know how to make colors work for your benefit, and I specifically select paint colors that enhance your home and your life.