What’s the Big Deal About Paint Colors?

Your exterior color scheme is the first thing people notice – not the design of your house, or the quality of the paint job. The visual impact of the color palette sends an immediate message about your style and personality. Your house colors set the tone, and should support the statement you want to make. New paint colors can quickly change the look and feel of your home, in addition to providing a significant upgrade. This can enhance your curb appeal, and increase the value of your home.

Paint Colors – Not as Easy as they Look

Choosing paint colors can be challenging because they’re complex, not flat and one-dimensional. Paint colors aren’t a singular hue, but combinations like yellow-green or blue-green. Picking paint colors can be tricky for most people. Not everyone understands how the color wheel works, or that different types of light significantly affect color perception. Consequently, most people have trouble choosing paint colors, and are afraid of making a big mistake. They seem to suffer from “paint analysis paralysis”.

How I Can Help

Hiring an experienced color consultant will ensure you end up with colors that work for you. Small paint chips rarely give a true indication of how colors will look when they fill a room, or are magnified on the front of a house. Colors get brighter as square footage increases.