Paint Colors, Kitchen Ideas, Bathroom Makeovers & More

Do you feel stressed out when looking at paint chips? Do you end up with many different paint swatches on your walls or siding? Do you have trouble figuring out how to coordinate paint colors with other materials? In need of kitchen ideas?

Working with an experienced color consultant takes the guesswork out of choosing paint colors, can prevent costly mistakes, and gives you peace of mind.

Bringing Ideas to Reality

Each situation is unique! Whether it’s about new kitchen ideas, a bathroom makeover, or redecorating a dining room, they all get personalized attention and customized solutions. Certain paint colors may look good on HGTV, Pinterest, in a magazine, or at a friend’s house, but those colors may not be appropriate for your home. I create a color palette that is the best fit for your spaces.

Understanding Color

It’s important to understand that all colors have undertones. Simply put, an undertone is the difference between yellow-green and blue-green. It’s actually more difficult to figure out so-called neutral paint colors. If you haven’t been happy with your color schemes in the past, it was probably because the undertones weren’t compatible.

Bathroom & Kitchen Ideas that Look Great

Paint colors should harmonize with wood floors, kitchen cabinets, carpet colors, bricks, stone veneer, tile colors, countertops, vinyl flooring, and upholstery. Exterior paint colors should relate to roofing colors, bricks, or stone veneer. All of these materials have colors and undertones, especially kitchen countertops. Granite countertops have color patterns that can’t be ignored, while quartz countertops have fewer, and are easier to work with.

Hiring a Color Consultant

I pride myself on my keen ability to “see” colors in a way most people can’t. I usually work with paint selection, but I also provide assistance when choosing other home decorating and renovation materials. I can steer you away from making costly mistakes!

For example, home supply warehouses and showrooms have many “pinky beige” products, which people incorrectly assume are neutral. This ubiquitous color shows up in paint, tile colors, vinyl flooring, carpet colors, and countertops. It’s difficult to work with since it clashes with just about everything, doing the opposite of what people think. And, don’t assume the gray trend will make it easier since gray has many variations too.

An experienced color consultant can correctly identify the undertones in all home decorating and renovation materials so they’ll be compatible. I know why they shouldn’t be mixed up in the same room, and what colors work best. Hiring a color consultant ensures that your paint colors will work together with the rest of your home, in harmony.